Peaches and Cream Tart

This post is sponsored by Tenderflake.  All opinions are 100% mine.Peaches and Cream Tart using Tenderflake pastry | | #BakeWithStyle

Spring is here! Or at least it was for the past few days. I’ve been enjoying walking outside without my winter jacket, but it’s snowing today so I guess I shouldn’t put it away just yet. Meanwhile, I’ll have to settle for eating spring-inspired dishes like this delicious peach tart. This would be lovely at a baby shower or a family dinner. It’s one of those rustic-looking dishes that looks more difficult to make than it actually is. [Read more...]

Canadian Cheese Awards 2014

Canadian Cheese Awards 2014 |

Last Monday (April 7) I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Cheese Awards Tasting Gala, which was held at St. Lawrence Market North in Toronto.

The Canadian Cheese Awards is a new, independent, competition which has quickly become the largest cheese competition in Canada. There were 76 producers from Newfoundland to British Columbia who submitted 291 cheeses for judging.

This was the first cheese competition in Canada open to all milks used in cheesemaking—cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo—with only pure natural cheese accepted for judging. That means the cheeses could not have any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no modified milk ingredients.

Winners in this competition were announced during the day at an awards ceremony, and the cheeses were on display at the tasting gala later that night.  [Read more...]

Hot Chicken Poutine Sandwich #DIYSandwich

This post is sponsored by Dempster’s.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Hot Chicken Poutine Sandwich Recipe | | #DIYSandwich

When Dempster’s asked me to create a tasty sandwich that would be perfect for dinner, I immediately thought of hot turkey sandwiches. Those are my staples after Thanksgiving and Christmas, because they’re a great way to use up leftovers.

I didn’t want to go through the trouble of cooking a turkey breast just to use in sandwiches, so I thought maybe I’d try recreating my high school lunch staple: Turkey French Fry Sandwiches. Basically I’d take the sandwiches my mom packed for me and combine them with hot fries with gravy from our school cafeteria. While somewhat tasty and totally nostalgic, I wasn’t sure that many people would find the lunch meat + junk food combo enticing. So I compromised and created Hot Chicken Poutine Sandwiches.  [Read more...]

The Good Food & Drink Festival 2014


Last weekend my mom and I went to The Good Food and Drink Festival in Toronto. I love attending food shows because it’s a great way to discover new products. This year’s festival seemed small, but I still managed to talk to over 15 brands! Here are some highlights from the event.

Chef Vij at the Good Food and Drink Festival 2014

As soon as we arrived to the festival, we headed over to the stage area. Chef Vikram Vij, of Vij’s Restaurant, gave a demonstration on how to cook chicken curry. This was my third time watching Chef Vij cook (I also saw him at the KitchenAid Culinary Showdown and the Chef’s Challenge), and it was refreshing to see him so relaxed. He gave some great cooking tips like, “don’t boil coconut milk. Add it to your dish at the end,” and also explained why he doesn’t take reservations at his restaurant (he wants everyone to be equal and have a fair chance at getting in).

I purchased one of his cookbooks at the show, so you might see a review of that on this blog eventually. [Read more...]

Steak Burritos with Chilli Lime Sauce

This post is sponsored by Dempster’s.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Steak Burritoas with Chili Lime Sauce using Dempster's Tortillas | #sponsored

I’ve been wanting to share my weeknight burrito recipe for a few months now, but I was having trouble finding the right tortillas.

My favourite burrito restaurant uses gigantic tortillas that can be stuffed and wrapped into a tidy pocket, but the tortillas I was using at home were only about a third of the size of those. Finally, I decided to try Dempster’s Tortillas. These are perfect for burritos because they are larger than the ones you get in burrito “kits” and they taste better too.

Dempster's Bakery Tortillas |

In this recipe I used beef sirloin tip steak, a cut of meat that is generally cheap but it can also be a bit dry. Another good option would be skirt steak, if you can find it. I added black beans, shredded cheese, refried beans and leftover Mexican rice to my burritos, but you can add any toppings that you prefer. I also served it with salsa and a chilli lime sauce, but these pair nicely with guacamole too. [Read more...]

Fresh from the Farm – a new cookbook from Susie Middleton

A review of the Fresh from the Farm cookbook |

I’m excited to share this cookbook review with you today! Fresh from the Farm: A Year of Recipes and Stories is the third book from one of my favourite cookbook authors, Susie Middleton – the former editor in chief of Fine Cooking magazine.

I’m a big fan of Susie’s work. I own both of her previous books Fast, Fresh & Green and The Fresh & Green Table, I frequently visit her blog, and she even let me republish on of her recipes on this blog. So it’s not terribly surprising that I enjoyed reading and cooking from this new publication.

This cookbook not only boasts a collection of 125 simple recipes, but it also chronicles one year of Susie’s life on her farm. Her detailed, personal, and often humorous, story is woven in between beautiful photos and delicious recipes. There are some practical gardening tips in there too.

I tested two recipes specifically for the sake of this review. The first one is Yogurt, Summer Berry & Homemade Maple Granola Parfait. On a scale of super easy to tricky, this is definitely the former. All you have to do is make the granola, let it cool, toast some nuts and then assemble with other ingredients. The result is a parfait that is easy enough to throw together for breakfast, but indulgent enough to have for dessert.

Maple Granola Parfait | from Fresh from the Farm cookbook | [Read more...]