Mississauga Lions Farmers’ Market at Celebration Square

Mississauga Lions Farmers Market at Celebration Square | InSearchOfYummyness.com

One of the best parts of summer is the abundance of fresh produce that is available. Canada’s cold climate might be great for winter sports, but it also means that our seasonal produce is limited during the winter months. Maybe that’s why I get so excited when I visit a farmers’ market.

On Wednesday I decided to check out the Square One Farmers’ Market at Celebration Square in Mississauga. This market has been organized by the Mississauga Central Lions Club since 1975. In that time they have raised over five million dollars through the market, which is regularly given to community organizations such as Big Brother & Big Sisters of Peel.

Fresh veggies from the farmer's market at Celebration Square | InSearchOfYummyness.com

I love looking at all the beautiful fruits and vegetables. Those bright colours tell me that they’re packed with nutrition, and they smell amazing too. Actually, everything smells a thousand times fresher than what I usually find in my local big box grocery store.

Beautiful fresh eggplants from the Mississauga Lions Farmer's Market | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

Chicken Pasta Salad: a Back-to-School Lunch Idea

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Plain Pasta Salad for Picky Eaters | InSearchOfYummyness.com #BTS #MapleLeafPrime

I hate to admit it, but it’s almost time to go back to school. Actually, this will be the first time in years that I’m not going back to a physical school. I finished university several years ago, but I spent the last 3 years working in a after-school daycare. It’s going to feel really strange to not step into a school in September…

I know that many other people are going back to school, though, in one capacity or another. My brother is still in university, I’ve got cousins who are in high school, and a few of my friends are teachers. This post is for everyone who has to start packing a lunch again in September (and for those of you who have to take lunch to work too!).

Chicken pasta salad  is an easy back-to-school lunch idea! | InSearchOfYummyness.com | Maple Leaf Prime Chicken [Read more...]

Making Healthy Dinners with Fresh Canteen

Fresh Canteen Meal Kit | InSearchOfYummyness.com

I usually try to plan my meals on the weekend. This doesn’t take me very long… I just think about what I want to make and then buy what I need from the grocery. But somehow, every once in a while, I find myself starting at an empty fridge around 6:00pm. Sometimes I’ve just forgotten to take my protein out to thaw, and other times I just haven’t made it to the grocery store. Either way, I end up grabbing take out because I don’t have anything to cook.

This is where Fresh Canteen comes in. If you dislike meal planning, or you just don’t have time to make it to the grocery store, then this service might be for you.

Fresh Canteen is a ready-to-cook meal kit delivery service, which operates in Toronto, Ontario. As a subscriber you can order meal kits for 2-4 dishes every week, and everything you need to make that meal will be shipped straight to your door. You can arrange to have your box delivered to your house, condo, or even to your workplace. Right now it appears that they can deliver to anyone in the G.T.A., and soon they will be able to ship all over Ontario.Fresh Canteen Meal Kit Item | InSearchOfYummyness.com

I really like the convenience of this service. It saves me from having to shop for ingredients, and everything arrives pre-measured. It’s also nice to try new recipes like Date Channa Dal Salad (shown below) or Shrimp Cakes with Mexican Chipotle Sauce.

Date Channa Dal Salad from a Fresh Canteen Meal Kit | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

Celebrating National Teqila Day at Milagro Cantina on Queen West


783 Queen St. West, Toronto

Did you know that July 24th was National Tequila Day? I’ve never celebrated it before, as I’m not much of a tequila drinker. In fact, I never really knew much about tequila except that it’s the main ingredient in a Margarita. So when I heard that Milagro Cantina on Queen West was hosting a tequila party, I thought to myself, “this is my chance to learn about tequila!”

The restaurant on Queen West is one of three Milagro Cantina locations in Toronto. All of the restaurants serve authentic Mexican cuisine, and boast impressive varieties of tequila, mezcal and other spirits.

When my brother and I arrived at the restaurant, and were directed to the upper floor.

Milagro Cantina on Queen West | InSearchOfYummyness.com

The restaurant itself is really attractive, but you can’t beat a rooftop patio on a nice warm day (see first photo). We headed straight for the bar, and grabbed a couple of drinks. I had the Margarita Tradicional made with Feria de Jalisco Blanco, Grand Marnier and lime. It had that wonderful tangy/salty flavour that you would expect from a classic margarita.

Traditional Magarita from Milagro Cantina on Queen West | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

Two Great Restaurants in St. Maarten

Last month my family and I travelled to the island of St. Maarten (a.k.a. St. Martin). This was our second time visiting this Caribbean destination, and we dined at several restaurants during both visits. Out of all the places we ate at, two stood out because of their excellent customer service and delicious food.

SkipJacks Restaurant in St. Maarten (2012) | In Search Of Yummy-ness

SkipJack’s Seafood Grill, Bar & Fish Market
Cole Bay, St. Maarten

SkipJack’s is my number one pick for casual dining in St. Maarten, and it has been voted Best Seafood Restaurant by one of the local newspapers.

I love the dining room with the open back wall. This makes the restaurant sunny and welcoming by day, and calm and relaxed at night. It’s so nice to enjoy your meal while sitting by the water, especially if there’s a warm breeze in the air.

SkipJacks Restaurant by the water in St. Maarten (2012) | In Search Of Yummy-ness

My favourite dish at SkipJack’s is the Tuna Carpaccio. I love this dish so much! The thinly sliced tuna almost melts in your mouth, and I love the kick from the red onion and capers. This is the kind of food that I enjoy the most: simple, fresh and delicious!
Tuna Carpaccio with fresh lime juice, olive oil, capers, sea salt & pepper from SkipJacks Restaurant in St. Maarten | In Search Of Yummy-ness [Read more...]

Tex-Mex Chicken Burgers

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Tex-Mex Chicken Burgers | Maple Leaf Prime Chicken | InSearchOfYummyness.com

As much as I love beef burgers, every once in a while it’s nice to change things up. Chicken burgers are a great lower-fat alternative and they can be just as tasty as beef burgers. In this recipe I’ve added spices and chopped jalapeños for a Tex-Mex flavour, as well as a small onion to help keep the patties moist. These burgers aren’t very spicy, so if you want more kick to your burger you can either increase the amount of jalapeños or leave the membrane intact (that’s where the heat is).

Maple Leaf Prime’s Naturally Extra Lean Ground Chicken is great for burgers because it’s flavourful, but doesn’t have a ton of fat. You can check out the nutritional information for this product here.  [Read more...]