Tex-Mex Chicken Burgers

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Tex-Mex Chicken Burgers | Maple Leaf Prime Chicken | InSearchOfYummyness.com

As much as I love beef burgers, every once in a while it’s nice to change things up. Chicken burgers are a great lower-fat alternative and they can be just as tasty as beef burgers. In this recipe I’ve added spices and chopped jalapeños for a Tex-Mex flavour, as well as a small onion to help keep the patties moist. These burgers aren’t very spicy, so if you want more kick to your burger you can either increase the amount of jalapeños or leave the membrane intact (that’s where the heat is).

Maple Leaf Prime’s Naturally Extra Lean Ground Chicken is great for burgers because it’s flavourful, but doesn’t have a ton of fat. You can check out the nutritional information for this product here.  [Read more...]

Lee Restaurant (Summerlicious 2014)

Lee Restaurant in Toronto | InSearchOfYummyness.com601 King St W, Toronto

My last Summerlicious reservation was at Lee, one of Susur Lee’s restaurants in Toronto. I went with my mom and Mandy, and we were excited because none of us had eaten at any of Chef Lee’s restaurants before.

When we arrived, the server explained to us that they serve all their dishes family-style, which basically means your food arrives on large plates and are meant for sharing. She said that we could either order individual portions for Summerlicious, or just order all of the dishes as share-plates.

We were also able to add-on dishes from a small menu of their best-selling items, which I thought was nice. This was such a stark contrast to my Summerlicious meal at the Old Mill, where they didn’t even offer tea or coffee, and then fussed when we requested tea because it would cost more than the flat Summerlicious fee. Smart restaurants know that you’ll end up spending more money if they allow you to order on top of the prix-fixe menu.

Sangria from Lee Restaurant in Toronto | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

New Product: Zpirit Infuzion Water


Here’s an interesting new product that has hit the market: Zpirit Infuzion.

These  herb-infused drinks have real fruit pieces in each bottle, and are brewed with natural ingredients. They also contain no preservatives and have less than 5g of cane sugar in each bottle.


I first heard about this product back in February, when the company asked if  would consider reviewing this product. After several months of hard work they are now offering four herb-infused flavours of water:  Mandarin & Mint, Peach & Basil, Spiced Pear & Vanilla and Pineapple & Sage.

My favourite flavour is the Mandarin and Mint, because it’s refreshing and doesn’t have a strong herbal taste. I found that the Spiced Pear and Vanilla drink has a warm and earthy flavour, while the other two varieties have strong herbal flavours.

If you enjoy drinking infused water, then you may want to check out these drinks. Zpirit Foods will soon be retailing all four flavours at Whole Foods and Longo’s grocery stores, as well as many others in Ontario and Quebec.

To find out more about these products, visit the Zpirit Foods website: ZpiritFood.com

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House (Summerlicious 2014)

Ruths Chris Steakhouse | InSearchOfYummyness.com

145 Richmond St W, Toronto

Well, I had planned on getting all of my Summerlicious posts done before the end of the event. I really did! There are just not enough hours in the day. Anyhow…

My family and I had a wonderful dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House during Summerlicious. We had never been before because we had heard that the prices are crazy, but I’m glad we finally went. The quality of the food was good, and the service was even better. Here’s a look at some of the dishes we ate.

Steak House Salad from Ruths Chris Steakhouse | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

King Street Social Kitchen & Bar + Hyatt Pool Program

King Street Social Kitchen & Bar | InSearchOfYummyness.com

370 King Street West, Toronto

Last Friday I attended a media event, hosted by fellow blogger Mary Tang, at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto. Mary invited seven other bloggers to join her at the King Street Social Restaurant (inside the Hyatt) so that we could try the Summerlicious menu. 

We ate all kinds of yummy food, from Pan Roasted Rock Snapper to Fire Charred Rib Eye Steak, and more desserts than anyone could possibly eat. I can eat a lot, but we literally tasted every appetizer, main course and dessert from the Summerlicious menu and I was bursting at the seams by the time we were done.

Throughout the meal the Executive Chef, Wesley Boodhram, explained that most of the dishes are farm-to-table, and locally sourced. Chef Wesley is obviously passionate about creating good food from local ingredients, and it shows in his cuisine. 

Here are a few of my favourite dishes from the tasting:

Toasted Portabella and Brie from King Street Social Kitchen & Bar | InSearchOfYummyness.com [Read more...]

Sweet Citrus Tarts

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Sweet Citrus Tarts | In Search Of Yummy-ness | #tenderflake #picnic #dessert

“Hey, do you want to have a picnic on Centre Island?”

I had to stop and think for a moment. A picnic? When was the last time I went on a picnic?

“Ok, I haven’t been to Centre Island in while.”

“Woohoo! I was hoping we could do something different!”

That was my conversation with my friend Sarah from the other day. Sarah and I only hang out a couple of times a year because we’re almost never free at the same time. She works three jobs, and I’ve been working 2-3 jobs over the past few years, so you can imagine what a scheduling nightmare that is.

Anyhow, when she suggested that we go on a picnic, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually we meet up at a certain chain restaurant that I no longer care for, and to be frank that has become pretty boring. So now we’re aiming on having our Centre Island picnic in early August. Hopefully! Until then, I’m trying out recipes that are picnic friendly!

Sweet Citrus Tarts Recipe | In Search Of Yummy-ness | #tenderflake #picnic #dessert [Read more...]