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Yukgaejang from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

2382 Dundas St. W.
Mississauga, ON
(905) 822-9200

On Saturday my friend Mandy and I visited one of our favourite restaurants: Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ. We’ve been going to Miga for a few years now, in fact, it was one of the first restaurants that we reviewed on the original version of this blog.

We generally enjoy the food at the Miga, and appreciate the quiet atmosphere – although the service can be a bit slow at times. One neat feature at this restaurant is the service bell that is built into every table. If you need to get someone’s attention, you can just press the button instead of trying to wave down a server.

Banchan from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

One of my favourite parts of the meal is the banchan (cold side dishes). The selection usually includes kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), seasoned soybean sprouts, seaweed, sticky potatoes and watercress. I love the spicy kimchi, which is tangy and a little bitter. The sprouts and watercress are also good, and very flavourful. I like the potatoes, but I would probably enjoy them more if there weren’t cold. As for the seaweed… to be honest, I’m not a fan of the texture.

Shrimp Tempura from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

We ordered some Shrimp Tempura ($8.50) and Spicy Salmon Rolls ($5.95) as our starters. Miga does a great job of frying the tempura without overcooking the shrimp, and it’s not as greasy as other places that I’ve tried. The coating is perfectly crispy and the tempura sauce that it is served with adds some acidity to the dish.

Spicy Salmon Rolls from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

I’ve had some really terrible sushi roll experiences in the past, but the rolls at Miga are always a safe bet. They never taste stale or fishy. My favourite roll is the spicy salmon roll, but the California and Dynamite rolls are also tasty.

Dolsot Beef and Mushroom Bibimbap from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

I ordered the Dolsot Beef and Mushroom Bibimbap ($16.95) for my main course. This stone pot rice dish comes with grilled beef short ribs, mushrooms and vegetables. I was a bit disappointed in this dish because it was very dry, and barely had any mushrooms in it. I added hot sauce and the leftover banchan dishes to my bowl in an attempt to give it more flavour.

I had high expectations for the bibimbap, as I usually enjoy the combination of marinated meat, tender veggies and crispy rice. I checked my old review and realized that I use to order the regular Dolsot Bibimbap (shown below) from the all-you-can-eat menu, and that version gets a lot of moisture from the vegetables and the egg.

Miga_Stone Pot

Photo from our original review of Miga (2011)

Mandy ordered the Yukgaejang soup ($13.95) for her main. This Korean-style soup is made with beef, green onions and veggies in a spicy red pepper base. She said it was spicy and tasted good, but it’s not one of her favourite dishes from Miga. You can see a photo of her soup at the top of this post.

For dessert I ordered the Japanese-style pudding ($3). It was cute and creamy, but nothing to write home about.

Japanese pudding from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Mandy ordered the Fish Shaped Sandwich Ice Cream ($4) made with red bean and vanilla ice cream. When she received her order she realized that it was a pre-packaged product that you can purchase in Asian supermarkets. I can see the value of having it on the menu though, as it will appeal to some kids.

Fish shaped ice cream sandwich from Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant


Although this particular meal wasn’t outstanding, it wasn’t bad enough to make us change our opinion of the restaurant. There are still several dishes that we enjoy and will continue to order. Next time I think I’ll order the marinated beef and fried dumplings, because those are really good. I can’t remember if we’ve actually barbecued there before, so that might also be sometime to try next time. Back when we first started going they had an all-you-can-eat menu where they would BBQ your meat for you, but I’m not sure if that menu is still available. There are all-you-can-eat menus listed on their website, but no one showed them to us when we visited the restaurant.

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  1. Gordon says

    Great Reviews! Miga used to be our favorite korean restaurant in Mississauga. I love that they have offer japanese dishes as well. I stopped going there because of the expensive BBQ menu (before they added the All-you-can-eat menu) and removed the sushi bar but that was like two years ago.