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Last month I finally had the opportunity to go to MoRoCo Chocolat for dinner. I have been wanting to check out this restaurant/boutique for months because of all the yummy photos they have been tweeting out. Also, the idea of a restaurant that has its own built-in chocolate shop sounds pretty awesome to me.

When I went the restaurant was running a tasting menu promotion called MoRoCoLicious. For $25 I was able to taste one appetizer, 3 mini mains and 1 dessert. That’s a pretty good deal, especially since the normal prices at this restaurant are on the high side. 

The Restaurant:

The decor of the restaurant is rich, luxurious and, well… boutiquey. It feels more like the set of a film noir movie than a restaurant dining room (especially since it’s so dark in there), and the seats are quite low.  If you’ve got a short torso like me, be prepared for the table to be a neck-level.

A review of MoRoCo Chocolat Restaurant |


It was freezing outside that night, so I chose the Pumpkin Soup with glazed pumpkin seeds, crème fraîche and parsley oil as my appetizer. This soup was less sweet than other pumpkin soups that I’ve had, and I loved the crunch from the pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Soup from MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto |

MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto |

I love tasting menus because it decreases my likelihood of having order envy. I chose the mini Mac & Cheese (truffle cream, Panko crust, fontina cheese and aged white cheddar), the Slider (beef prime rib slider burger with caramelized onions and mushrooms with Dijon mayo), and the Savoury Crepe (mushrooms… possibly a white wine cream sauce…  I didn’t write down the description… oops).

I really enjoyed all three of these items, but the standout was the beef slider. The juicy beef patty was sandwiched between a perfectly toasted bun and topped with flavourful mushrooms and onions.

Food from MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto |

The dessert course was my least favourite of the entire meal, which was a shame. Underneath all of that (delicious) spun sugar is a Raspberry Chocolate Pot de Crème. I don’t really like that flavour combination, but this was the only option for dessert so I had to get it. The Pot de Crème was sour from the raspberries, and I felt like it needed some kind of cream topping to help tone it down. The profiterole was really nice though, and it was fun to dip it into the various crumbs and blobs on the plate.

I felt that the restaurant should have chosen a dessert that really highlighted their chocolate. A better choice might have been their Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Tart (which I haven’t had, but it sounds good).

Dessert from MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto |

Overall I enjoyed my meal, and I am planning to visit again sometime. I still want to try their S’mores because it comes with a torch at the table.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying some chocolate from their store. There is something about all those gift boxes and ribbon that just makes the place feel festive.

MoRoCo Chocolate Boutique in Toronto |

Truffles from the MoRoCo Chocolate Boutique in Toronto |

Aside from the wide variety of truffles, you can also buy macarons, gift sets, and sipping chocolate to-go from the shop.

Macarons from the MoRoCo Chocolate Boutique in Toronto |

MoRoCo Chocolate Boutique in Toronto |

A small box with 6 chocolates cost about $20, which is a bit more expensive than Godiva chocolates if you need a frame of reference.

I bought the Baby Babylon (crunchy pistachio filling), two Lani’s  (coconut milk & toasted coconut), Izzat (green cardamom infused ganache), Monkey in the Middle (raspberry & strawberry jam with peanut butter) and Dulce de Leche (milky caramel liquid candy). They were all lovely, although the Izzat has a very strong cardamom flavour. My favourite was the Lani… or maybe the Monkey in the Middle… it’s a tie.
Truffles from MoRoCo Chocolat |

The last item that I want to show you is their Chocolate Coconut Bar. You can think of these as Twix bars that are filled with coconut macaroons instead of cookies. They are dense, chewy, and full of delicious sweet coconut flavour. MoRoCo Chocolat |

Have you been to MoRoCo Chocolat before? How was your experience there?

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